Why did I get married?

How many of us got married thinking everything was perfect, we hit the jack pot and off we go into forever with our soul mate.  Fairy tales can happen right?


In reality marriage is hard work. It’s a commitment that you make to someone else. It’s a commitment that you must be willing to keep even when your spouse annoys you, makes mistakes, and is not perfect everyday.
I truly believe that so many couple go into marriage with unrealistic expectations of their partners resulting in such a high divorce rate. A lot of people marry after knowing someone a year, how could you possibly know you want to spend forever with someone you’ve only known a year.
It’s crazy but it’s the norm, everyone wants that someone without putting in the time to figure out if it’s truly a good fit.  Because contrary to many beliefs LOVE does not save marriages.

Get to know your partner!!

What’s their love language? Do they prefer ketchup or mustard? Is there mother a monster in law? Even these small details matter.

I’ve found that many marriages break up over the little things that have happened over time opposed to one big thing (cheating etc) .
Consider why your getting married? Are your intentions pure?  If your getting married for the right reasons that’s a perfect foundation to start to build from
Good luck


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