Destruction of the Black Family in America 

This is a topic that I feel is not discussed enough. It’s almost as if it’s that thing that exists but no one wants to admit. The black family has been broken for generations. Today I want discuss how this could’ve come about and how we can potentially restore the black family. ” Possibly”.

Where it began

Some would say this began in during slavey.  Where black men were regularly emasculated by their owners and probably all whites alike. I believe with the idea to break his spirit as a man, keep him weak and thus keep him in line so that he would not rebel. Also to demonstrate to the blacks who was in power and significantly that the black man had none.

After slavery was emancipated in 1865, the beginning of policing in America began.  During this time black men were disproportionately thrown in jail for long periods of time which they would then still receive free labor.  If these men had wives children and families they were left to figure it out without the help of a man.  Not to mention the racial tension and oppression that continued, the beatings ,the murders and poverty continued for generations to come.

Where are we now?

As early as 2008 it was reported that only 40 percent of black children live in the home with their father.  So basically more than half of black families have no man in the home.

Why is that?

Over time gender roles have changed drastically in the black family where the woman has now assumed the position of both mother and father.  Black men are consistently absent from the home and a lot of times from the childs life at all. With black women increasing losing respect for black men as a whole.

I believe with so many black men being raised by single mothers they never really learn how to be men and a lot of the same cycles are repeated. Since they have no positive black males to imitate they turn to the streets, gangs and drugs as a way to make a living .(Some not all ) which places them into the revolving door we call judicial system.  All the while having children to eventually be left without a father as well.

Sad as it is how to recover?

I guess that’s the million dollar question. How does the black community fix a issues that is generational?

Comment below with thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


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