Are they really that hateful? Racial tension and it seems black and brown people are the only ones aware.


I wonder are white people not noticing where we are now? Or ignoring something old?

Right now in America race related issues are at a all time high. While during the Obama era Americans were all the sudden convinced that all our race issues had been resolved and the country has evolved from its ugly history dating back to less then 100 years ago.

Donald Trump’s presidency has ripped off an band-aid revealing the truth that is embedded in the american core. I’m really interested in understanding what it is that white Americans are so afraid of. This county was systematically designed to benefit them . They are benefiting so why all the hate?

Lets talk about it. What is whiteness?

Where did it come from? When did Europeans stop being Irish or Scottish or English?

Why did they denounce their immigrant history to be just “white”?

The question now is what will it take to keep America white? Could it be separating innocent children from their families in order to deport their parents. Could it be using the police  to kill countless unarmed blacks.

I know I know, we cant lump all white people into this category right? But how many of them in power are standing up for plain old humanity.

There is nothing and there has never been anything great about America.


A very worried black american.



  1. I really do believe that a lot of white people are deeply afraid that they will lose their supreme status on the racial caste system in this country along with their privileges–privileges they have enjoyed since the creation of this nation–if the humanity of black people is treated with the same equity. I also agree that America has never been a great nation!

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  2. I believe that racism toward black people always existed, people (white people in particular) now have more courage now with the election of Trump to express this hate.


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