Are WOC becoming to masculine? The woman no man wants.

“Rosie” – Tim Okamura (Canadian, b. 1968), oil on canvas board, 2014 {figurative art strong female standing African-American black woman grunge painting detail drips #loveart} timokamura




1 1.
having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness.”he is outstandingly handsome and robust, very masculine”

I remember a time when being a “strong black women” was something positive. When it described a woman of god, a wife, a mother. Someone that was a matriarch of the community, who carried the burden of her skin but still made it happen . To include those who did all of that with more than one job, that she possibly walked miles everyday to get to. Our grandmother’s and great grandmothers who were looked up to, admired and appreciated for all they did to contribute to the family and community. Well respected by her husband and peers alike.

Certainly times have changed and the world is ever evolving, and as it evolves the term now describes something totally different. It describes a bitter, lonely, angry and just plain old unhappy woman.

The woman who doesn’t need a man.

The woman who doesn’t need anybody.

How did we get here?

It’s kind of difficult to blame it on one single thing. It a generational problem that should be talked about . This is a issue that we first have to look within to resolve. Black people have to finally stand together, depend on each other, and support each other because , it is quite obvious that no one else really will.

Do Black Men Love Us?

Of course! However at times it appears they DO NOT!. (This isn’t meant to shame black men, who I love dearly). But I do notice that no other race of men degrade and belittle their women more than the black man. You will find black men on social platforms criticizing black women. Her weaves, her wigs, her edges! Her body in some cases. They put them in this category of loud, ghetto and angry. With their eyes on a non black woman for being more submissive.

Non black women who are paying top dollar to look and have the natural body of a black woman.

Why aren’t Black women submissive?

One of the things that is generally overlooked is black women a lot of times are raising single parent homes. Although some would like to argue that this is by choice or she was to difficult to keep a man. But in an environment like that she has to take on both roles. She doesn’t have time to be soft or vulnerable.

The truth is no one wants to be alone. I believe that any woman can be submissive and vulnerable in the correct environment. We have to begin to hold our men accountable. And as women we have to be more careful with whom we choose to father our children.

Restoring the Black Family

We must put our family’s back together. We need our men in the home.

We must look at the lives a lot of these woman have lived and consider the things have conditioned her overly masculine behaviors.

As black women we must stop thinking we don’t need a man for anything. Let go and grow from those negative attachments and allow ourselves to be loved.


A Former Angry Black Woman 💞

Please comment below your thoughts on this subject!



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