Body Shame or Body Goals: So Much Pressure to Have a Instagram Model Bod!

There is not one person walking that doesn’t look at themselves and see things they can improve. Whether it’s to lose 10 pounds, tone up or even resolve a case of angry acne. All of this is totally normal.

BUT, Why so much pressure ?!?

Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram like everyone else but, there have been studies to that reveal that after only 30 minutes of scrolling IG the way you view and feel about yourself has been altered. Women and men with perfect bodies, perfect lives and perfect relationships.

The images that you see and are comparing yourself to are simply not REAL!

What no one talks about is the agony some of these instagrammers go trough to achieve those photos. The surgery’s etc etc. Now don’t get me wrong if you want surgery and you can afford it, Do you boo. I’ve even considered a BBL myself. However I needed to first accept that my body post 2 pregnancies is equally beautiful. That if I’m a size 4 or a size 16 it’s ok to just be me.

I’m really disgusted at the all the pressure that society and social media has created to look and be perfect. Now us regular smegular girls are questioning our beauty because the guy we like is double tapping big booty Judy’s IG pictures all day.

How do you compete with that?!?

Everyone is beautiful in their own right. And I’m sure a lot of those super sexy IG models work damn hard to achieve those results. So not to down play anyone while attempting to lift the rest up. Lol!

We just have to find a way to love our perfectly imperfect selves. And if you have a few more inches in the waist (Like Me) embrace it!





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