Body Shame or Body Goals: So Much Pressure to Have a Instagram Model Bod!

There is not one person walking that doesn’t look at themselves and see things they can improve. Whether it’s to lose 10 pounds, tone up or even resolve a case of angry acne. All of this is totally normal. BUT, Why so much pressure ?!? Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram like everyone else […]

Are WOC becoming to masculine? The woman no man wants.

mas·cu·line ˈmaskyələn/ adjective 1 1. having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness.”he is outstandingly handsome and robust, very masculine” I remember a time when being a “strong black women” was something positive. When it described a woman of god, a wife, a mother. Someone that was a matriarch of the […]

Are they really that hateful? Racial tension and it seems black and brown people are the only ones aware.

I wonder are white people not noticing where we are now? Or ignoring something old? Right now in America race related issues are at a all time high. While during the Obama era Americans were all the sudden convinced that all our race issues had been resolved and the country has evolved from its ugly […]

Finding my way & Breaking free from negative life long behaviors and ideals.

Certainly this is a topic that we are all faced to confront in early adulthood. I’ve found that as I grow and progress in life, the way in which I view the world is constantly changing. There are still areas I continue to struggle in. I am the furthest thing from perfect, and I’m gracefully […]